Battle Mods

about the Battle Mods

At the start of Sigma’s Streamer Battles, we found that adding an eSport-like competitive aspect to a Survival-Shooter game like Escape From Tarkov was much easier having someone with the streamer there to help track points & tasks and answering questions.
It was at that early time that the role was created for the Streamer Battles. Sigma & company coined the term “Battle Mod”, and a fundemental part of the Evasion  events was born.

What started as a few of Sigma’s friends & moderators has evolved into a large team of dedicated Tarkov fans. Our team is passionate about Escape From Tarkov and it’s community. We volunteer our time for the events and strive to always improve ourselves & the Evasion experience.


What the Battle Mods Do

Battle modding consists of multiple responsibilities for the role but the primary duties of a Battle Mod are:

  • Awareness of the rules of the events and the game modes they contain.
  • Communication with the competitors 
    • to prepare them for the upcoming event
    • to answer any questions they have, during the events in voice chat as well as before the event.
  • Spectate the competitor’s stream to monitor scoring, fairness and compliance with the rules.
  • Be an ambassador for Evasion to the Streamer & their community.
How DO I become A battle mod?
  • Have experience and/or be an active player of Escape From Tarkov
  • Use a decent microphone & be comfortable with push-to-talk
  • Be comfortable talking in voice to people you may not know
  • Have at least 2 monitors (3 preferred but not required)
  • Must be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours at a time to perform during events.
  • We are actively seeking people fluent in other language in addition to English.
  • Fill out the application below.
Who leads the battle mods


Head Battle Mod

Bryan Boru#0108


Head Battle Mod



Senior Battle Mod



Senior Battle Mod